Calm Edged Rebels

Building Resilience. S3 E8

June 11, 2021

Welcome to the Calm Edged Rebels podcast. Trudy, Jenni and Advita are back with a bigger and better podcast for season three! We're publishing our podcast weekly.


We're continuing to share our views on the big subjects for professional communicators and coaches, but we're also taking the opportunity to share topical issues with you too. 


This week's news section is a duo performance, as Trudy and Advita meet to chat while Jenni is taking a well-earned break. We’re reflecting on the things that have inspired us lately and the support and encouragement we get from our wonderful community.


In our big topic conversation, we discuss the difference between mental health and mental illness. We consider the role of resilience; the traits resilient people have and how important it has been for us to develop resilience.  


Listen in as we share our top tips on becoming more resilient and being able to bounce back.


If you want to find out more about this topic, or about us, head over to for all the info.

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